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Thought About Todays News

I was watching MSNBC this morning, something I don't regularly make a habit of doing. The usual glaring blaring talk of the insane actions of this man that occupies the White House now in our nation's capital. Ever since the start of the election process last year (2016)  and even in 2015 when talk began about who  was going to run  for the seat of the President, I was lamenting the fact that Trump was a candidate. I knew that he deeply resented President Obama and that if he were elected that he would ruin our country. I said as much  in many words. I tweeted that sentiment back then. I posted on Facebook my feelings about the fact that I felt Trump was unfit to be any kind of leader in Government. Today I'm continually puzzled seeing the many people that believe in Trump. I am feeling like it's such a blatant fact right in front of our faces that this man is a lunatic in a suit. Why are these people supporting an idiot, n evil, hateful person masquerading as a &quo