Thought About Todays News

I was watching MSNBC this morning, something I don't regularly make a habit of doing.
The usual glaring blaring talk of the insane actions of this man that occupies the White House now in our nation's capital.
Ever since the start of the election process last year (2016)  and even in 2015 when talk began about who  was going to run  for the seat of the President, I was lamenting the fact that Trump was a candidate. I knew that he deeply resented President Obama and that if he were elected that he would ruin our country. I said as much  in many words. I tweeted that sentiment back then. I posted on Facebook my feelings about the fact that I felt Trump was unfit to be any kind of leader in Government.
Today I'm continually puzzled seeing the many people that believe in Trump. I am feeling like it's such a blatant fact right in front of our faces that this man is a lunatic in a suit. Why are these people supporting an idiot, n evil, hateful person masquerading as a "World Leader"?
I clearly remember November 9, 2016. I woke that morning feeling dread, feeling like the world had just suffered a major catastrophe from which there would be major consequences in the future. I was not wrong. The nightmare of that morning and the days leading up to November 8, election day, have continued. The feeling of doom, of a dark sickness,  a malady so wrenching has not passed. This man is still in office, constantly churning his hatred and his determination to overturn our way of living in the greatest country in current civilization. His hateful  determination to undermine and destroy the legacy of President Obama  is of utmost priority to this evil man.
His constant demeaning of minorities, the glorification of white supremacism, the constant belittling of those with whom he finds displeasure is wearing on the soul of this country.

I cannot fathom why he is allowed to remain in office. It is difficult for me to understand why Congress is allowing him to abuse and defecate our system and values after so many missteps and failures to govern in our best interests. Allowing his cabinet cronies to willfully waste tax doolars on personal junkets, allowing his children  to waste government  money  on personal expenditures, when the country is sorely in need of new roads and highways, bridges and overpasses, freeways,  national parks, up-graded government buildings, schools, on and on. This man solely has single-handedly led this country  into a crisis in our homeland.
With our allies he has sown discord and mis-trust, allowing our political enemies the opportunity to infiltrate our election system, our system of self government. Yet there are those that continue to believe that this man will become a leader "of the ages". They refuse to believe that this man is insane,  that he is  mentally off balance.
What is going to happen and is happening right now,  is the daily destruction of our country's political and moral base. The destruction of our institutional system of government, in our basic constitution as it has been established over the centuries.
I worry that we will not be able to recover what is being lost.


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